Hikers walking through the forest

Be Safe And Seen Walking, Running, Or Hiking With The Award-Winning Clip-On Safety Light

Whether you're a keen and experienced walker, runner, and hiker, or a newcomer to the scene, road safety will always be a priority. If you've ventured down a country lane late at night or on a dark early morning, you'll know the importance of having a reliable safety light. 

We provide the best outdoor motion-powered safety lights in the UK. Our clip-on safety lights are battery-free, so you won't have to worry about your light powering down when out on a run. The MML is hypersensitive, powered by even the slightest movement; so they work for everyone, even kids, and dogs!

Our Clip-on safety lights guarantee that you'll be visible to both pedestrians and vehicles. A single MML produces a 180º fan of light, meaning you can be seen from all angles from up to 200 meters away. 

Purchase the best outdoor motion powered safety lights in the UK from batteryfree.co.uk and go outside safely. The award winning lights are reliable and simple to use, just clip one on and you're ready to go!

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