Runner jogging in the mist

Don't let the failing daylight stop your training with a battery-free safety light

We've all struggled at some point to find the time to train, whether it be due to a busy work schedule, the changing seasons or just life! Sometimes training in the dark is our only option. However training in the dark has its downsides, with limited vision you want to feel safe when you run, and spot any potential potholes that could lead to injury! Which you can avoid with a motion-powered portable running light. 

Our battery free safety lights are designed to be light weight and non encumbering for runners. They're not only great for you, but for the environment, as they never require batteries or charging!

The MML is a motion-powered portable running light that can be easily attached to clothing, or even a dog lead, using the adjustable clip and shock bungee fastener. A single MML produces a 180º fan of light and ensures that you can be seen from all angles from up to 200 meters away.  

Our motion-powered portable running lights will see you through all seasons. The Next Gen MML has a IPx6 water resistance rating, and will even survive a washing machine. We guarantee each light for a million miles or 5 years, with our 5 year warrantee. Simply put, if your light lets you down, we won't.

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