Runners jogging at night

Motion Powered Safety Lights To Keep You Safe At Night

When active at night use battery-free safety lights in the UK, whether walking, running, or hiking

Don't let winter darkness spoil your exercise. Walking, running, cycling and hiking are fantastic cardiovascular exercises to get in shape and stay fit, but the dark evenings can make it difficult to train at night. The dark poses double the risk for accidents, so you'll want to make yourself visible. Reflective clothing is a great starting point - reflective high-tech fabrics, safety vests and straps, but you'll want to pair this with a light. Our motion-powered portable running light produces a 180º fan of light, ensuring that you can be seen from all angles from up to 200 meters away.  

Reasons to purchase a battery-free safety light in the UK

Safety - If you are out jogging late at night in areas without streetlights, you risk the possibility of injury if you trip or fall. Twisting or rolling an ankle can often be more painful than a fracture. To stay safe buy battery-free safety lights in the UK. Motion-powered lights are much safer than traditional ones as you don't have to worry about your light running out of power. 

Portable - You can take the MML anywhere with you. The adjustable clip design and shock bungee fastener, attaches in a multitude of different ways and stays on securely, even through your clothing! 

Durable - Designed for all seasons, the next generation MML is fully life proof. With a full IPx6 water resistance rating, it will even survive a washing machine. 

Great For The Environment -  Be done with batteries and charging cables, the MML is designed to last a million miles (or a lifetime).

No matter what brings you out at night or during inclement weather, clip-on safety lights can help to keep you safe. Our motion-powered portable running light is hypersensitive, powered by even the slightest movement, ensuring you'll be visible on the darkest nights. 

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