Man jogging in the park

Switching To Eco-Friendly Running Clip On Lights

Climate change has been the driving force behind the movement towards more environmentally conscious practices. If you've been after a running light that won't negatively impact the environment then look no further. 

Here are some of they key features of our eco-friendly running clip lights -

  • Strong Design

The eco-friendly running clip lights are durable, designed to last a million miles.

  • Energy Efficient 

Our lights are completely battery free, powered by kinetic energy!

  • Weather Resistant

With a full IPx6 water resistance rating, our MML is fully life proof and will even survive a washing machine.

The eco-friendly running clip lights and portable outdoor no battery lights never require charging. They can easily be attached to clothing, bags or even a dog leash.

Swapping to eco-friendly running clip lights is a worthwhile investment, your light will never run out of battery or need replacing. 

Head to our online store to get your eco-friendly running clip lights, keeping you safe on those early morning and evening runs. 

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