Walking home alone at night

Tips to stay safe when walking home alone

We’d all rather avoid walking home alone at night, but sometimes that just isn’t possible. Here are some of our top tips to help you stay safe when walking alone.

Stick to main roads

Keep to routes that are busy and well-lit or populated with houses so you can reach someone if you need help. Shortcuts through parks or alley ways might save you time but aren’t worth the risk.

Wear the right footwear

If you think you’ll be walking home at the end of the night, try to plan ahead and wear practical shoes. If that’s not an option and the space in your bag is limited, you could always pack some foldable pumps or leave a pair of trainers in the cloakroom. 

Stay alert

That means don’t wear headphones. Music can be comforting for a solo walk home at night, but it impacts your awareness of your surroundings. The same goes for texting. Calling a friend can soothe your nerves and lets them know where you are, but texting can be a distraction and doesn’t leave you with a free hand. 

Make yourself seen

Aside from encounters with suspicious people, you’ll want to avoid any potential accidents with oncoming vehicles. Carrying a light with you can offer that extra bit of visibility. Maybe we’re a little biased, but we think the Million Mile Light is a great one to keep in your bag. It’s compact and doesn’t require batteries or charging as it’s powered by your movement, which means you never have to worry about it running out!

Utilise technology

There are so many brilliant apps out there to help you get home safely. If you have an iPhone ‘Find My Friends’ is a great one that allows enabled contacts to track your location. Another is Kite String; this is a free app which allows you to enter a list of emergency contact numbers into your account. You let the app know when you’re going out and when you plan to return. The app will text you to check up on you and if you don’t respond the app will alert your emergency contacts that you haven’t responded. If you’re running late just let the app know and it’ll extend your time or check-in early.

Keep your keys to hand

Hold your key inside your pocket. That way when you get to your destination, you’ll be able to open the door straight away without having to fumble through your bag.

Remember to trust your gut and stay alert. If something doesn’t feel right, get to a well-lit public place as quickly and safely as possible.

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